Bob's Line 195: Absolutely Jamie Lynn

Nylon and smoke fetish erotica for the Connoisseur. Jamie Lynn proves herself an accomplished actress in the opening sequence of this film as she sits at a bar and relates a flashback story to the barkeep, explaining how she recently became the head of a large corporation. She cautions him not to underestimate the power of a beautiful woman and smoke, and describes how she fixed her former boss "real good" and took over the company in the process. It seems he was a peeper and you'll see how Jamie turned his sexual harassment into her very own gold mine. The next sequence presents Jamie Lynn in an elegantly private sexual moment.... nicely dressed and about to relax in a quiet corner... she slowly arouses herself and ends up a sloppy mess of juices and joy on the marble floor. You'll also see Jamie redress her perfect body in sexy lingerie, black nylons and lace, in preparation for some rather heated activity. Soon she's transformed from an angelic beauty to a hungry sexpot, grinding herself on her favorite toy like you've never seen before! All Jamie Lynn... at her talented and sexiest best! A must see for Jamie fans!

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