Hannah Goes To Hell


A jealous wife, and unfaithful husband, a murder, and a one way ticket to the depths of hell. Hannah Harper stars in this bizarre tale of an adulterous affair gone seriously wrong. When it is revealed that she is sleeping with her best friends husband, she is killed and sent to spend the rest of eternity in the fires of Hades. Now in an afterlife teaming with history's most notorious whores and maniacal sex demons, she finds she must fuck her way to redemption through some of the most unimaginable sex acts ever seen. Gang fucked by an army of demonic lesbians, ravaged in a hellish anal orgy full of satanic sex beasts, she begins to wonder if she will ever be able to leave this horridly evil underworld, or if she even wants to!

Added: 2012-12-26 | Duration: 0:01 | Tags: feature

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